Specialists in creating research-driven strategies 

We uncover the nuance that powers smart communications, leveraging clients’ values to propel them forward. We identify the right audience, the right channels and the right message to realise each client’s version of success.

Every client is different, so we design bespoke methodologies that meet their needs, time and budget. We use a mixture of primary and secondary research techniques to address a range of objectives including perceptions evaluation, message testing, impact measurement and thought leadership. We work closely with our consultants across the globe to identify the insights that can inform compelling campaigns and communications strategies.

Specialist areas:

Evidence gathering – Through a combination of primary and secondary research, we ensure that we fully understand the target audience and ground our campaigns firmly in evidence.

Content testing – We evaluate our draft content using a range of specialised qualitative and quantitative methodologies, using the feedback to refine our outputs until they have the desired impact.

Perceptions audit – We explore the beliefs of a range of stakeholders such as customers, employees, media and political elites, to uncover what they truly think about your organisations’ reputation.

Impact measurement – We design holistic research approaches to investigate the outcome and impact of our campaigns, identifying what is working and how they can be continually improved.

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